Born in Athens, 1984. He starts attending guitar lessons at the age of 5. After 14 years of studies he gets his degree in classical guitar. During school years he forms several bands, he plays a lot of shows and he becomes an opening act for many well-known artists and bands.

2002: He goes to Thessaloniki. He has Theatrical Studies in Aristotle University of Fine Arts. He forms new bands and he performs in almost every stage of the city. He, also, starts recordings with the support of really famous Greek singer-songwriter Lavrentis Mahairitsas.

2003: In Thessaloniki, he has his first approach to theatrical music. Since then, he has written music for several plays and short-movies. He gets his degree in classical guitar.

2004-2006: He continues playing shows almost every night and, at the same time, he prepares his debut album with backing of Lavrentis Mahairitsas and Thanos Mikroutsikos, one of the greatest Greek composers of all time. In the autumn of 2006 he returns to Athens where he performs in the legendary stage “Apanemia” in Plaka.

2007: He participates in Song Festival of Thessaloniki (national TV song contest) with the song “Life that awaits” and a month later he releases the homonym cd-single.

2008: He participates again in the Song Festival of Thessaloniki with the song “Napal” and he gets the Special Jury Award for the Best Lyrics. He returns to Athens and he performs in a permanent basis in Stavros tou Notou, the most historical rock stage of Athens.

2009: He moves to Brussels, where he mostly creates theatrical music. He does the sound direction of 3 plays that took place in Bozar-studio. In the meanwhile, he travels to Greece a lot, in order to record his album with Greek pop-star Myron Stratis as a producer.

2010: His debut album “Mia anasa akoma”, in his own words and music, is being released by Lyra. Two of the album songs become radio favorites.

2011: He tours alongside famous Greek artists all over Greece for promoting his new album. He also becomes a member of “X-Bannd”, an alternative-urban trio with mc Komis-X and Maya. They have a single released by Universal and they enjoy immediately a number 1 hit.

2012: He tours alongside Craig Walker (x-Archive singer) all over Greece. He returns to Brussels, where he prepares his debut album with his new English-language project, Pocket in Red.

2013: He travels to several European cities (Paris, Athens, Brussels, Antwerp, Genk, Tilburg etc) in order to present a string of tribute concerts dedicated to the great Greek composers.
He participates in Lavrentis Machairitsas’ album presentation that took place in Filigranes, Brussels, alongside Nikos Aliagas and Salvatore Adamo.
Craig Walker with Pocket in Red participate in Greece’s biggest open-air summer festival, Rockwave Festival, together with Dead Can Dance, The Monophonics etc.

2014: Panos Gourgiotis’ second solo album “Piso apo tis vrohes” (Behind Rains) is released by It is distributed in Greece and Belgium. Famous greek artists such as Mahairitsas, Famellos, Olympiou, Karatzoli and Komis X participate in the album. The release presentation in Brussels takes place in the Music Village in March and is a great sold-out success.