Panos Gourgiotis participates in the 4th edition of the historical collection “Rock’n’Roll Aid vol.4″ by Dimitris Dimitrakas with the song “Battle”.

Press release:

“Rock’n’Roll Aid No.4″

A few years ago, my friend and collaborator Nikos Antoniou had the idea to make Rock’n’Roll aids No. 3. Now, six years later, Rock’n’Roll Aid No. 4 is ready, with the only difference that instead of new greek bands, this time the compilation presents well-known friends and singers, with several records, who responded to my invitation.

Dimitris Dimitrakas

The artists participating in this new collection are:

Michalis Skarakis
Babis Tzanidakis
Vangelis Vagenas
Panos Gourgiotis
George Litsikakis
Dionysis Farmakis
Lillian Aneroussi
Dimitris Dimitrakas

This cd is not a commercial item. It is the result of team, free expression and is distributed free of charge. Self-financed, non-marketable.”

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