Two presentations for the new album of Panos Gourgiotis at Kafodeio Elliniko and
Six D.o.g.s

The dates are set for the presentation of the long-awaited new album by Panos Gourgiotis entitled “Mahi” (battle).

The well-known songwriter travels from Brussels to Greece on the occasion of the release of his new personal album for two respective concerts in Thessaloniki and Athens.

The first presentation will take place at Kafodeio in Thessaloniki on Sunday, December 2, while two days later, on Tuesday, December 4, the second concert in Athens at the well-known venue Six D.o.g.s.

Next to Panos Gourgiotis, the musical alter egos of the Greek singer for the last ten years are Nikos Vogiatzakis (guitar) and Pavlos Monastiriotis (drums) while on bass they will be accompanied by Kostis Vihos.

On his third solo album and after the previous, well-acclaimed albums “Mia Anasa Akoma” (Lyra, 2010) and “Piso apo ti Vroches” (Newsville, 2014), the greek songwriter who lives and works in Brussels, returns more mature than ever. The aggressive, indie rock sound of this last album is strengthened through the special lyrical ability of Panos Gourgiotis in a musical atmosphere that uniquely connects intense moments of memory of the greek rock scene with modern sounds.

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