The daring venture of Panos and his band was crowned with great success. This is a review by

“Manos Hadjidakis Revisited” the title of the concert. Not unjustly, as Panos Gourgiotis chose favorite songs of an important composer, given through his own personal taste and aesthetics. An undertaking that is de facto difficult, when we refer to classics, that have now been etched in the consciousness of the public.

And if the initial prediction about the success of the project, judging by the attendance (the show was sold-out days before the day of the show) only, left positive signs, then the final applause for Panos Gourgiotis, together with Nikos Vogiatzakis and Pavlos Monastiriotis, just confirmed the expectations.

Maria Metaxaki also participated in the show with her beautiful voice and presence, as well as the Greek Choir of Brussels, under the direction of the always demanding and talented Christos Gakoudis.

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