«ERT sessions- By Rock Fellowships»

Saturday, July 6, 2019, Panos Gourgiotis is to the “Second Program” of the Greek National Radio.

The third year of “ERT sessions – By Rock Fellowships” is a fact, with artists and bands who come and improvise while presenting their work during a radio broadcast.

Saturday 6 of the month, the show with number 64: Panos Gourgiotis

“Talented and creative, we did not miss the opportunity as soon as he came back to Greece for a while, from abroad where he has been living permanently for the last few years, for an interesting meeting.”

Drums: Pavlos Monastiriotis, Bass: Kostis Vihos, Guitar: Nikos Vogiatzakis, Special guest: Giouli Asimakopoulou

Presentation: Panos Chrysostomou

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